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About US - Openning Hours
Time / Place Available Reading room Multimedia
Mon~ Fri 08:30~22:00 08:00~23:00 08:30~21:00
Sat 08:30~17:00 Close 08:30~16:00
Sun 14:00~20:00 08:00~15:00 14:00~19:00

Computer Labs: We have 8 computer labs and 1 print-out center, offering more than 500 computers to support instructions and practices for all students.

Opening Hours.
T2-504、T2-508 MON.~FRI. 08:15-21:55 , SAT. 12:30-19:30
G510 MON.~FRI. 8:15-21:55

Another special opening will be announced on the web. Please check the website: http://www.cyut.edu.tw for updated information.